Episode 14 (Season Finale)
Original Air Date: 03/01/2010

After being transported 72 years into the future, Joey, Danny, and Prickley Pete soon learn that their absence from Spirit Stalkers-Con 2009 caused a chain reaction that affected the entire world. Prickley Pete soon finds out that what remains of the human race have a lot more in common with him that he could have ever imagined.

Their only chance of survival is to get the book and use it to return everything to normal, but of course...zombies!

Will they ever get the book? Will the finale end on a cliff hanger or will it EVER END! Can you really gobble time? Zoop!?

Running Time: 34 Minutes 15 Seconds

New Ways To Donate + A Sneak Peek At The Zoop To The Future! Script!
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"Zoop To The Future!" A Video Game Starring Prickley Pete, Needs Donations!
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All Episodes Now Available In 720p HD!
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"The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete!" Official Site Is Live!
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